The 13 Most Powerful Auto Repair Facebook Post Ideas

The majority of social media users devote an average of 2 hours and 31 minutes daily to these platforms. Additionally, considering that 59.4% of the world’s population is active on social media, it’s evident that promoting your auto repair shop on these channels is a logical choice to connect with potential customers and enhance brand awareness.

Furthermore, social media offers a plethora of features that can significantly boost your engagement rate. Key features include reaction buttons, the live video option, the interactive comment section, and the share feature, all of which contribute to improving your visibility.

Social media marketing serves as a valuable tool for maintaining connections with previous customers. By sharing pertinent posts and implementing the marketing strategies we’ll delve into shortly, you can consistently remain at the forefront of your target audience’s minds.

As we delve into enhancing your shop’s social media presence in this article, it’s important to consider the specific platforms suitable for auto repair shops.  Our articles are extremely trustworthy because of our years of experience in the automotive industry. We have done adequate research and compiled this article just for you!

Which social media platform should I use for my auto repair shop?

So, we’re all familiar with the usual suspects in the social media world: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, and the list goes on.

But here’s the real question for an auto repair shop: where should you really focus your attention? I mean, which platform is the hotspot where most of your customers hang out? Let’s dive into that.


Our recommendation? Kick things off with Facebook.

And hey, if you don’t already have a Business page there, creating one is a fantastic first step. Considering that Facebook boasts over 2.5 billion users aged 18 and above, chances are you’ll find a good chunk of your customers hanging out on that platform.

While it’s true that 25-34-year-olds make up the largest age group on Facebook, accounting for 26% of users, it’s worth noting that people from all age brackets are active on the platform.

Now, Facebook is a great place to begin, but I get it—you might be wondering, “I’m not running a fashion brand or a restaurant; what am I supposed to showcase on other platforms besides Facebook?”


To enhance engagement and position yourself as a popular choice within the automotive repair sector, we recommend establishing a presence on Instagram. Recent research indicates that 62% of individuals express increased interest in a brand or narrative after encountering it on Instagram.

Instagram boasts a younger audience in comparison to Facebook, as illustrated in the provided chart, making it an exceptionally effective platform for targeting customers aged 18-44.

Numerous auto repair shops and mobile mechanics have garnered substantial followings on Instagram, exemplified by the success of YourMechanic and GDOAutomotive in this social media realm.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to utilize hashtags effectively on Instagram. Recommended hashtags include #autorepair, #autorepairservice, and #autorepairshop. To narrow down your focus, consider incorporating your local area into hashtags, such as #autorepairhouston.

Other platforms

If you’re aiming for an extensive online presence, consider utilizing YouTube to provide customers with the advantage of witnessing your services through audio and video.

For a stronger connection with customers aged 18–34, Snapchat becomes a viable option.

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Now, let’s delve into the core of the conversation. Here are some social media concepts tailored for auto repair shops.

1. Real reviews take you places

Let’s start with a crucial aspect: customer reviews. Understanding what others think about your services is paramount, particularly for auto repair shops, as it plays a vital role in building relationships.

According to FixAutoUSA’s research, 49% of customers rely on word-of-mouth as their primary method for selecting an auto repair shop, with online search coming in second at 21%.

Sharing reviews on social media enhances your authenticity and instills a sense of trust in customers regarding your ability to handle their vehicles. In the broader context, a substantial 90% of customers consult reviews before making a purchase or utilizing a product or service. That’s why AutoLeap facilitates the easy solicitation of Google Reviews from your customers after completing a job and enables you to respond to reviews directly within our software.

Displaying customer testimonials on your social media platforms can significantly contribute to building trust with your audience. 

2. Share details on offers and prices with your customers

While it may seem like common sense, it serves as a crucial reminder.

FixAutoUSA highlights that 25% of auto repair customers opt to leave a shop when presented with an excessively high estimate.

A considerable number of customers experience “shop anxiety,” fearing potential overcharging or deception in car repairs, a phenomenon often referred to as “repairophobia.” Effectively addressing this concern involves training your staff to handle various situations, especially those involving dissatisfied customers.

For both existing customers and potential inquiries, it’s advisable to share new offers and prices for routine services like oil changes and tire replacements. This proactive approach not only attracts potential customers but also helps alleviate concerns about potential overcharging.

Additionally, providing information about services such as pick-up options and emergency assistance can be particularly effective, as many customers seek reassurance that your support is readily available when they find themselves in a challenging situation.

3. Talk about your specialization

Similar to professionals in other fields, certain auto repair businesses have specific expertise. Whether it’s Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, or any other brand, take the opportunity to discuss the car brand you specialize in or have a passion for. For those specializing in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or electrification, incorporating this specialization into your content can effectively attract potential customers.

Share images of your favorite cars, narrate stories about your love for a particular car brand, and highlight events related to your specialization, such as car shows, auctions, and other industry-related gatherings.

Engaging posts could also include before-and-after shots of cars within your focus area. Whether you’ve given a car a makeover or performed repairs after an accident, presenting before-and-after pictures demonstrates your competence to customers and showcases the transformative impact of your services.

4. Share personal experiences

When we suggest sharing personal experiences, we’re not advocating for aggressive sales tactics or direct marketing. recommends allocating 40% of your posts to marketing and dedicating the remaining 60% to engaging with customers and discussing experiences.

This doesn’t imply divulging personal details like how you met your spouse, although if you’re inclined to share, why not?

What we mean is, instead of providing a tutorial on “How to Repaint Your Car,” consider showcasing a brief video of a past car repainting project you’ve undertaken. If you don’t have footage, create a video where you personally discuss the process. Connect with your customers on a more intimate level by sharing insights into your background and detailing your past experiences.

You can also incorporate humor by sharing funny anecdotes.

Share your brand story, delve into your shop’s history, and provide any information you think might interest customers and keep your business top of mind. Additionally, consider sharing your involvement in community service projects or encouraging local participation in causes you genuinely believe in.

5. Talk about travel tips, safety, and traffic

Social media marketing for auto shops goes beyond discussing cars and your business; it involves becoming a trusted local information hub, particularly since the majority of your customers will be from your local community.

If there are roadblocks or construction projects in your area, keep your customers informed by posting updates. In case of snowy weather, provide tips on driving safely under those conditions.

Offer valuable advice, such as what to do if brakes fail or emergency numbers to call if someone falls ill while on the road. Additionally, share guidance on preparing for a long drive and conducting vehicle checks before embarking on a journey.

Make the conversation localized and pertinent to your community. Seize opportunities to educate your customers, positioning yourself as a valuable local resource and encouraging them to regularly visit your social media pages.

6. Ask questions

Engaging in social media marketing for your auto shop is a dynamic, two-way conversation, aiming to involve your customers and encourage interaction with your business.

As we explore social media ideas tailored for auto repair shops, it’s worth highlighting the entertaining and interactive nature of True/False statements and polls. For optimal engagement, platforms like Facebook or Instagram stories are well-suited for creating polls.

Encourage your customers to share their opinions on topics like choosing premium gas, frequency of car wash visits, favorite color of Mercedes, and more. While focusing on relevant questions is recommended, you can also venture into community polls or seek their opinions on recent events.

Inject humor into your polls, such as asking, “What should you never ask a mechanic?” and providing amusing or sarcastic response options:

1. Can I fix this myself by watching a video on the internet?
2. Can I bring my own parts?
3. Are you sure that’s the problem?
4. Are all of these cats yours?

You can also craft True/False statements, prompting customers to choose their stance. For instance, “I would prefer to buy a BMW over an Audi” or “The new Cadillac is overpriced.” This not only gathers valuable information but also keeps your customers actively participating in the conversation, fostering a sense of community.

7. Highlight employee achievements

Your staff plays a vital role in your business, and showcasing their achievements on social media is a crucial idea for auto repair shops.

Share details about your employees’ experience, accompany it with a picture, and perhaps mention what they drive. Adding a relatable fun fact about each employee enhances the personal connection your customers can make.

For instance, if an employee has exceeded the typical number of serviced cars in a month, highlighting that accomplishment adds a beneficial level of detail. This approach not only engages your audience but also contributes to building trust with your customers.

8. Memes and quotes light up your content

Social media concepts for auto repair shops should certainly include memes and quotes. As mentioned earlier, it’s entirely acceptable and even encouraged to inject fun and humor into your interactions with customers.

In fact, humorous and imaginative content tends to be the most well-received and memorable. Utilize symbolism, jokes, images, cartoons, animations, or storytelling to provide insights into your brand or shed light on the life of a mechanic or auto shop owner.

If you have pets, incorporating pictures of them into memes can be a charming touch. However, it’s not always necessary to be funny. You can also deliver genuine, valuable, and thought-provoking advice.

Consider sharing a quote of the day or week, extending weekend wishes to your customers, or providing a general motivational boost with a quote—there are endless possibilities. Alternatively, you can convey messages through quotes. For instance, quoting the famous playwright Neil Simon who said, “People with honorary awards are looked upon with disfavor. Would you let an honorary mechanic fix your brand-new Mercedes?” It’s a valid point worth sharing on your social media platforms.

9. Follow the 80/20 rule

A primary factor leading consumers to unfollow brands on social media is often an imbalance in the type of content being shared. If there’s an overemphasis on business-related content and a lack of focus on customers, it can be a turn-off.

To maintain a healthy mix in the content you share on your auto repair shop’s social media pages, it’s crucial to adhere to the 80/20 rule. This guideline suggests that the majority, or 80%, of your posts should provide value or be useful to your audience, while the remaining 20% can be promotional in nature. This approach ensures a well-rounded and engaging content strategy that resonates with your followers.

10. Host a giveaway

Effectively organizing giveaways can boost your new page followers, post shares, and generate more leads when executed correctly. Here are some tips for hosting giveaways:

  • Plan the duration of your giveaway carefully.
  • Offer clear and easy-to-follow instructions for participants.
  • Select a tempting prize to attract participants.
  • Create a detailed plan outlining how you will choose the winner(s).
  • Ensure that the giveaway aligns with your marketing goals.
  • Devise a thoughtful strategy for implementing your giveaway.

11. Create a referral program

Leveraging customer referrals is a potent method for attracting new clients to your auto repair shop. By seeking referrals from satisfied previous customers who have firsthand experience with your services, it’s crucial to ensure the delivery of high-quality and exceptional services. This ensures that when you request a referral, they have no reason to decline due to their positive experience with your shop.

Tips for creating a referral program for your auto repair shop:

  • briefly explain how your referral program works
  • reach out to your previous customers
  • think about your referral incentives
  • plan how you will promote your referral program (e.g. on social media, your auto repair shop’s website, through emails, or website pop-ups)

12. Season’s Greetings

To remain connected with your intended audience, consider posting celebratory greetings on your social media profile during events, holidays, or recurring significant occasions. Additionally, entice your customers to visit your auto repair shop by offering freebies aligned with the ongoing celebration.

13. Create a mini-series about your auto repair services

If you want something to capture the interest of your target audience and give them something to look forward to, you can divide a long video into two parts like in this TikTok post from an auto repair shop:

@paulcampanellasauto We asked the technicians at our Pike Creek shop what their favorite car to work on is. Mechanics of TikTok, tell us about your favorite car(s) to work on in the comments! #TeamCampanellas ♬ original sound – Paul Campanella’s Auto
@paulcampanellasautoAsking more of our automotive techs about their favorite cars to work on! Mechanics of TikTok, tell us your favorites in the comments:♬ original sound – Paul Campanella’s Auto

Key takeaway

Leveraging social media marketing is a highly efficient method to broaden the outreach of your auto repair shop. When executed effectively, it not only facilitates staying connected with past customers but, more importantly, attracts a significant number of new customers. By adhering to the recommended best practices outlined earlier, you’ll witness positive results in due course.

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